hariviera gallery



The Ha'Riviera Gallery is a remnant of the lively 1950 and 60s club scene in Bat-Yam, Israel. It was built on the pristine beach, just a few dozen meters from the water, and attracted a chic clientele of merrymakers from all the surrounding cities. In an article in the Bat Yam local newspapers from 1957, it was mentioned to be the central focus of the developing leisure culture in the city and termed as "Tel Aviv's Plaza". The club ceased functioning in the 1970 and remained there, like a concrete whale that had been swept onto the beach. In 2011 the location, about 1,200 square meters get renoviede by the the architects Els Verbakel and Elie Derman and since than it is used as an art gallery and is founded by the city of Bat-Yam